The Path of The Sun


    What You Get:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Q'ero In Search of the Last Incas (Movie by Mo Fini) +
    Andean Folk Songs Digital CD from Tumi Music +
    La Ventana Digital CD by Shimshai +
    1 hour of Special Bonus Footage from Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    1 hour of Special Bonus Footage from Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Medicine Songs by Ayahuasquero Ronald Rivera +
    Q'ero Pinkillu Flute Songs by Pampamisayuq Don Augustin +
    2 Trailers for THE PATH OF THE SUN +
    3 Bonus MP3's from Shimshai


    What You Get:
    Q'ero In Search of the Last Incas (Movie by Mo Fini) +
    Andean Folk Songs Digital CD from Tumi Music +
    La Ventana Digital CD by Shimshai +
    Special Bonus Footage from Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Special Bonus Footage from Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Two Trailers for THE PATH OF THE SUN documentary series +
    3 Bonus MP3's from Shimshai


    What You Get:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Light of the Andes (an e-book about shamanic wisdom from Peru by Dr. J. E. Williams) is a non-fiction adventure in the Andes about an encounter with the Apus, the unbelievably powerful spiritual entities that reside in the highest mountains. On a remote glacier close to 20,000 feet, the author discovers a secret code intrinsic to understanding our connection with Nature and the Universe. Ayni is the Quechua word for this code that assures equilibrium between natural systems and humans. +
    Special Bonus Footage - Extended Interviews with Dr. J. E Williams +
    3 Bonus MP3's from Shimshai


    What You Get:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Q'ero In Search of the Last Inca (Historic Q'ero film by Mo Fini) +
    Special Bonus Footage +
    3 Bonus MP3's from Shimshai


    What You Get:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahuasca Natures Greatest Gift


    What You Get:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru


    What You Get:
    Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift


    What You Get:
    Please enjoy an MP3 of Las Flores by Shimshai. This special version of the song was recorded by Shimshai exclusively for the The Path Of The Sun. It is based on a special performance he gave in Peru and is a favorite amongst fans.


    A complete library of the eighteen videotaped interviews with shaman, authors and academics who participated in the production of The Path of the Sun. This unique collection of almost 15 hours of recorded footage is presented in a user friendly question and answer format. All interviews from Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift and Q'ero Mystics of Peru are included. This a collection for the serious student of shamanism, consciousness the Q'ero, the Andean Mystical Tradition and the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. Interviews include Dr. Dennis McKenna, Dr. Stephan Beyer, Dr. Holly Wissler, Juan Nunez Del Prado, Elizabeth Jenkins, Don Ignacio Duri and Don Humberto Soncco and others. For a complete list of interview participants please see below under the section entitled cast.


    This package includes all movies, music, interview footage, and e-books:
    The 15 Hour Complete Library of Interviews +
    100 Page Photo eBook +
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    Q'ero In Search of the Last Incas (Movie by Mo Fini) +
    Andean Folk Songs Digital CD from Tumi Music +
    La Ventana Digital CD by Shimshai +
    Light of the Andes eBook +
    12 Screensavers +
    Medicine Songs by Ayahuasquero Ronald Rivera +
    Q'ero Pinkillu Flute Songs by Pampamisayuq Don Augustin +
    2 Trailers for THE PATH OF THE SUN +
    3 Bonus MP3's from Shimshai


    What You Receive for Your Contribution:
    Q'ero Mystics of Peru +
    Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift +
    1 Hour Special Bonus Interviews with Dr. J. E. Williams

    Ayniglobal, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation has as its mission to protect and preserve traditional indigenous cultures and ancestral lands including people, animals, plants and water systems. Helping people and protecting culture requires service; preserving lands requires engagement in tribal, local, and national politics. We serve one person, one family, one tribe, and one community at a time. We engage by forming alliances and networks of leaders and professionals who understand the intrinsic value of safeguarding indigenous people and their lands. And, we advocate relentlessly for fair, meaningful, and sustainable policies that protect and preserve land and people.

    About The Movie

    The Path of the Sun is a two-part documentary film series about shamanism, ancient wisdom, consciousness and the powerful healing offered by the medicinal plant AYAHUASCA. The film answers questions about life, our existence and "the value shamanism and ayahuasca can offer the global community in the 21st century?" Indigenous cultures understand their existence from a unique perspective. Their knowledge and belief systems are guided by experience and observation handed down orally over the ages. Many mystical traditions learn from and heal with medicinal plants. Their shaman ingest foul tasting and intensely hallucinogenic concoctions such as ayahuasca, which allow them to travel into the spirit world in order to learn, grow, and heal. The Path of the Sun provides answers to questions about our existence, spirituality, psychology, personal development, our relationship with nature and healing. The film explores in detail the burgeoning ayahuasca tourism boom, the dangers of amazonian ayahuasca travel and the immense healing benefits of ayahuasca such as the potential to cure psychological issues and disorders, as well as offer successful treatment options for PTSD and addictions to alcohol and harmful drugs. The basis for the conclusions offered in the film derive from over eighteen interviews with authors, anthropologists, therapists and practitioners of two mystical and shamanic cultures: Q'ero Mystics of Peru with a run time of 1 hour 6 minutes focuses on the mystical practices of the Q'ero Indians of the Peruvian high Andes, and how their relationship to energy, consciousness and the supernatural create a system of universal reciprocity, balance and harmony. Seekers of ancient wisdom often refer to the Q’ero as the direct bloodline descendants of the Inca. Q’ero Mystics of Peru uncovers the myth surrounding this belief as well as the real metaphor underlying what it means to possess the “the seed of an Inca.” Mysteries and secrets abound regarding the origins of the Q’ero, their supernatural practices and prophecy. The documentary delivers the answers to many of the questions and unravels these mysteries. What is clearly documented is the Q’ero, until the 1950's lived in relative isolation in a remote community that lies 14,000 above sea level in the mountains south of Cusco. In recent years the Q’ero have been seen more regularly in ever increasing numbers due to a prophecy that has caused them to reach out to the west and share their knowledge. Theirs is a nature based and supernatural tradition deeply rooted in respect, love and reciprocity and understanding of the workings of vital living energy they call “Kausay” that animates and operates everything in the universe. Q’ero Mystics of Peru contains interviews with important Q’ero such as Don Humberto Soncco the elder grandfather of the Q’ero Nation as well as Anthropologist and advanced practitioner of the Andean Spiritual Arts Juan Nunez del Prado considered to be the leading living expert on the Q’ero people and their ways.  Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift is a feature length film with a runtime of 1 hour 5 minutes. The film is a comprehensive look at the socio-cultural realities surrounding the burgeoning popularity of the Amazonian sacred, medicinal and hallucinogenic brew called ayahausca. The film has 30 subtopics that answer questions about the tea including its history, usage, rituals, physical and supernatural experience, shaman, songs, special diet and preparation and thoroughly delves into it's potential therapeutic value in terms of personal healing and integration into western medicinal modalities. Particular emphasis is placed on the healing benefits of ayahuasca as it relates to overcoming fears, phobias, depression, anxiety as well as its successful, but controversial use in treating PTSD, alcoholism and drug addiction. Other topics include the realities of the booming ayahuasca tourism industry and associated dangers of its charlatans and the general dangers found in travel to third world countries to work with shaman in often times remote and hard to get to regions. Myth is stripped from new age illusions through a realistic, educational and explanatory telling of the facts and understandings via the voices of several Peruvian mestizo shaman and experts in the field including Ethnopharmacologist Dr. Dennis McKenna and Dr. Steven Beyer author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon.
    • Cast

      • Ethnopharmacologist & PharmacognosistDr. Dennis McKenna, PhD
      • Author of Singing to The PlantsDr. Stephan Beyer, PhD
      • Psychotherapist & Author of Healing from the Gods, Ayahuasca and the Curing of Disease StatesDr. Maggie Quinlan, PhD
      • Ethnomusicologist & Filmmaker of From Grief and Joy We SingDr. Holly Wissler, PhD
      • Author of Light of the Andes & The Andean CodexDr. J.E. Williams, OMD
      • Author of Masters of the Living Energy & Ayahuasca: The Visionary Healing Powers of the Vine of the SoulJoan Parisi Wilcox
      • Author of The Return of the InkaElizabeth Jenkins
      • AnthropologistJuan Nunez Del Prado
      • Anthropologist & Founder of the Museum of Magical and Medicinal PlantsAlejandro Caminos
      • Psychotherapist & Ayahuasca HealerEbert Carillo Chavez
      • Ayahuasquero & CuranderoRonald Rivera Cachique
      • Maestro Ayahuasquero & CuranderoDon Ignacio Duri
      • Maestro Ayahuasquero & CuranderoDon Luis Colquitron
      • Elder Grandfather of the Q’eros Nation & Q'ero PampamisayuqcDon Humberto Soncco
      • Q'ero PampamisayuqDona Bernadina Apassa
      • Q'ero PampamisayuqDon Andres Flores
      • Q'ero PampamisayuqRolando Soncco
      • Q'ero PampamisayuqGuillermo Soncco


      • DirectorSeti Gershberg
      • ProducerSeti Gershberg
      • Director of PhotographySeti Gershberg
      • EditorSeti Gershberg
      • Visual EffectsSeti Gershberg
      • PhotographySeti Gershberg
      • MusicShimshai
      • Visionary ArtistPablo Amaringo
      • Visionary ArtistMisha Esterkin
      • Visionary ArtistShawn Hocking
      • Director of Photography Historical FootageMo Fini
      • 1st Camera KickstarterElise Noella May
      • 1st Camera MinnesotaJohn Robinet
      • TranslationLuz maria Zuniga Estrada
      • TranslationCarolyn
      • TranscriptionLuz maria Zuniga Estrada
      • Additional PhotographySwiatoslaw Wojtkowiak
      • Additional PhotographyGeremia Commetti

      Nov 19, 2014 / Seti


      I am very happy to announce that the promised bonus footage for the Super Deluxe package is now available for streaming and download.

      The Path of the Sun bonus footage consists of interviews I conducted while filming Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift and Q'ero Mystics of Peru. During my time in Peru and filming back in the US during the Psychedemia conference I interviewed a total of 18 people. Interviews lasted 45 minutes to over 4 hours. This resulted in approximately 30 hours of raw footage. That footage was reduced to one hour for each of the two films. While all topics were covered in both films many interview questions had longer and more in depth responses. Therefore, I have been creating a video library of all the interviews. The library in its entirety will consist of approximately 15+ hours of recorded video footage that ultimately will be presented in a question and answer format for those who are interested in pursuing a more in depth understanding of the Q'ero, the Andean Mystical Tradition and ayahuasca shamanism.

      For those of you who have already purchased the Super Deluxe package I have put together two films that include 2.5 hours of bonus footage.  Each of the two files is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The bonus footage contains full unedited interviews in the question and answer format described above. Instead of short edited snippets that were used in the film, each response can now be heard in its entirety. Answers are in depth and complete.

      This bonus footage is FREE to customers who have already purchased the Super Deluxe package. 


      If you would like to own the entire 15+ hour complete video library you can purchase one of two packages for the holiday season at 25% off the regular price (they will make an amazing holiday season gift!!!!) They are:

      The Path of the Sun Cosmovision which includes the entire library, a 100 page photo ebook, 12 screen savers and all the other material contained in the Super Deluxe package. Please share the coupon code TPOTSHOLIDAYC25.

      The Path of the Sun Library which includes the entire video library. Please share the coupon code TPOTSHOLIDAYL25.


      Oct 26, 2014 / Seti


      Tonight on Lisa Ling's This is Life, a CNN series the medicinal brew Ayahuasca featured in part 2 of The Path of the Sun series is getting a full hour of national broadcasting attention due to it's potential medical benefits that are now getting attention. This follows on the heals of several well publicized news stories about hallucinogens that are making a comeback in psychotherapeutic research for addiction at NYU under Stephan Ross, PhD and for cancer related research at John's Hopkins under Roland Griffiths, PhD.

      In this episode called Jungle Fix (not a great name...) Lisa Ling travels to the Amazon where she learns about ayahuasca and engages in conversations that discuss the jungle medicine, it's risks and benefits.

      The program airs at 10 PM EST on CNN and a simultaneous interactive Twitter conversation will take place withe the hashtags #thisislife, #junglefix and #ayalogs

      Much of the conversation and show will be dedicated to health and safety issues surrounding ayahuasca and ayahuasca tourism and this is where the work I have done on the subject with Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift intersects with the show.

      Recently, I have been hired by the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council to help them with their IndieGoGo campaign video and social marketing. The ESC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants, and enriching the communities who work with them. The organization has partnered with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research) and ICEERS (The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education and Research), and both Dr. Dennis McKenna and Dr. Stephan Beyer who are interviewed in Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift and a number of noteworthy researchers are also involved on the board of directors or in other capacities. 

      The ESC is mentioned several times in the CNN related articles for the show.  Joshua Wickerham the co-founder of the ESC, along with Dr. Dennis McKenna and Lisa Ling are participating in a roundtable discussion with academics focused on ethnobotanical research and health and safety related issues. After the roundtable is concluded, they will be the featured Twitter leads prior to and during the show.  ]The ESC is trying to raise awareness for their IndieGoGo campaign in order to: Protect the safety of ayahuasca seekers;Expand dialogue with ayahuasca providers to better serve the growing global demand for safe and sustainable ayahuasca; Ensure continued access to fair and sustainably grown and harvested ayahuasca admixture plants with benefits to the communities who grow them;Revitalize and preserve the traditions of Amazonian communities so they can develop sustainably in both local and global contexts.

      There are 15 ways to contribute to the campaign including the planting of ayahausca and chacruna plants.

      I am writing this update to ask for your participation in the Twitter conversation, help in sharing this message and financial support for the ESC.


      Seti Gershberg - Director/Producer


      Oct 09, 2014 / Seti

      Hi all,

      I am busy at work assembling the bonus footage for distribution, but have missed the deadline.  My apologies.  Rest assured that it will be available soon and I promise it will be better than expected.  I appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates.  I do not have a specific date when it will be ready, but it will be prior to the end of the month.  That's a guarantee.


      Seti Gershberg


      Bonus Material Timeline

      Sep 29, 2014 / Seti

      Today was to be the day that I announced that bonus materials would be ready. However, I am delaying the announcement for 1 more week and I thank you for your patience. I have been spending the past weeks since the film's release on September 1, 2014 reviewing the interview footage from the film and creating what I call interview only movies. A question is asked and then it is answered exactly like it is during an interview. The material is excellent and instead of rushing to put something in your hands that is not up to the highest quality simply to meet a deadline is not something that I want to do. So, what I have decided is to delay the release for one week. And, for your patience there is a reward as I will be releasing more material than is listed on the website. To get a taste, you may view the following two clips which I have posted on YouTube as part of a series I am calling Aya(X).  

      Here is the link to two mini clips to get an idea of what is being developed. The interviews you will receive as bonus materials run approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

      Thank you again for your support and I hope you are enjoying the films and music.  There is a lot more to come and I am thrilled to be working on these releases of the interview footage. I believe that this material will be a unique resource of information and education on shamanism, consciousness and ayahuasca that stands above the rest and I appreciate your partnership in supporting the work.

      As always, if you have any questions please send me an e-mail at sgershberg at gmail dot com


      Seti Gershberg

      Review by Author Matthew J. Pallamary

      Sep 16, 2014 / Seti

      Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift has received a review from author Matthew J. Pallamary.  

      He writes: "Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift takes you into the heart of Ayahuasca shamanism and pulls aside the veil to provide valuable insight into the gifts that only a loving mother can give from those who know her intimately. There are lots of mysteries and misconceptions around the use of these sacred plants and their effects and there are many “sharks in the water” waiting to prey on the uninformed and starry-eyed innocents who are seeking a prehistoric spiritual path that precedes the dogma of modern religions as we know them. This informative documentary brings you the truth straight from the mouth of those who know their secrets; both seasoned Amazonian shamans known as ayahuasqueros, and noted authorities Dennis McKenna and Steve Beyer, author of Singing to the Plants. Shimshai’s music and narrations bring a wonderful touch that puts you dead center into the spirit of the plants and reinforces the sense of the sacred that pervades this work of art and love.   

      I have been studying these plants for twenty five years and working extensively with them for the past fifteen years, and I have read most of the literature on them as well as my own writings and lectures, so I can say with authority that Ayahuasca Nature’s Greatest Gift is mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to learn more about Ayahuasca and Amazonian shamanism from sources they can trust."

      Matthew J. Pallamary Author, Editor, Shamanic Explorer

      Matthew J. Pallamary's historical novel of first contact between shamans and Jesuits in 18th century South America, titled, Land Without Evil, has been published in hardcover by Charles Publishing, and has received rave reviews along with a San Diego Book Award for mainstream fiction and was chosen as a Reading Group Choices selection. It has been adapted into a full-length stage and sky show, directed by Agent and the EMMY nominated subject of a PBS series, Arts in Context.

      Information about Matthew and his writings can be found here:

    • Director

      This Is My Story… Unless you know me, you will find I am a unique individual and live life according to a favorite quote from the great American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” This mindset has led me to explore the cutting edge of presenting imagery and ultimately to film The Path Of The Sun. I began working with images in 2003 when I teamed up with DJ’s in the Chicago area who wanted to create moods and environments that combined electronic dance music with abstract video projection during their performances.  Throughout the decade that followed I honed my skills in the art of capturing and editing video through the use of still cameras and digital video equipment. By the time 2011 rolled around I was adept at cinematography, editing and motion graphics.  I decided I wanted to take things to another level. To tell a story. In college I received a degree in Anthropology and for a long time I had wanted to combine my academic interests with my thirst for adventure and my love for film. I had also around that time met a shaman from the Lakota Tribe who had invited me to a number of medicine ceremonies with other native americans like the Navajo and Huichol (Mexico), who also work with the sacred cactus peyote. During one of the ceremonies the medicine talked to me loud and clear and my journey to create The Path Of The Sun was set. The Path Of The Sun was a journey into the mystic beliefs of ancient indigenous thought and the practice of jungle shaman who use medicinal plants for healing.  I had long been interested in the practices of “medicine men” and given my recent reacquaintance with plant medicine I wanted to find out if shamanism had as much value for others as it had for me. I did my research, put my plan into action and headed to Peru for two years. In that time I worked and lived with two shamanic groups and filmed their ways.   In November of 2010 I launched a successful Kickstarter program, and in June of 2013 I returned to the US and began editing.  On January 1, 2014 I moved to Malibu, CA to be closer to the film industry and complete The Path of the Sun.  The last few years has been quite a rewarding adventure that I owe to shamanic thought and what it has taught me. I am excited to now after three years bring you The Path Of The Sun. If you have questions about the film, want advise about ayahausca or working with Q’ero, or even how best to travel to Peru to safely enjoy an ayahuasca experience, you may contact me at sgershberg at gmail dot com Best, Seti Gershberg Filmmaker
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